Mark Sullivan, Attorney


Mark works as KYNF's attorney.  Armed with an LL.M in Environmental law, Mark started his career with Riverkeeper, Inc., the Hudson-river based environmental watchdog where Mark spearheaded Riverkeeper’s watershed protection program.  Mark then spent nearly five years at the Wall Street firm of Carter Ledyard & Milburn in its prominent environmental practice group, focused on urban environmental issues such as air and water pollution, traffic and noise.  Yearning for open spaces, in 2003 Mark and his family relocated to Jackson Hole.  Today, Mark lives with his wife, architect Nona Yehia, and their two children, Wyatt & Lucy, in Wilson, where Mark has his own diverse practice of law.  Mark and his family enjoy all that Jackson has to offer, and work hard to give back to their community.

Mark became involved with KYNF in 2004 when the Department of Energy first proposed using the Advanced Test Reactor to make Plutonium-238.  Volunteering his time, Mark delved deeply into that Project's environmental impact statement, unearthing alarming realities about the dangers of using a 40 year old reactor to manufacture plutonium.  Thereafter, Mark represented KYNF in NEPA and Freedom of Information Act litigation, and prevailed in forcing the Department of Energy to release thousands of pages of safety documents relating to the Advanced Test Reactor.  With the help of Mark's advocacy, KYNF successfully derailed the PU-238 project.  Mark is a fierce advocate and will continue to assist KYNF as it monitors DOE operations in Idaho.


Tami A. Thatcher

Tami is a mechanical engineer with over twenty-five years of engineering experience specializing in probabilistic risk assessment and safety analysis of DOE nuclear facilities. She has extensive experience analyzing the risk of plant operations for the INL’s Advanced Test Reactor.  Tami was a persistent investigator of safety issues, submitting many more Unreviewed Safety Questions (USQs) than peers due to thorough investigation of safety issues and knowledge of plant systems, accident risk models, safety basis, and safety regulations and deeply caring about nuclear accident prevention. She has extensive experience in facility safety documentation and analyses involving the “Nuclear Safety Management” rule, 10 CFR 830.

Her goals are to promote transparency of Department of Energy Idaho National Laboratory safety management and improve public understanding of the serious risks and potential accident consequences posed by INL facilities. She will work to monitor and influence DOE, State, and federal decision-making regarding INL facilities, existing INL spent fuel, and the future of spent fuel and nuclear energy in the US.

Kathleen Falconer

Kathy has 31 years of experience supporting the safe management of radioactive waste.  Her experience ranges from the management of uranium mill tailing to spent nuclear fuel.  She has been directly responsible for over $1 B in projects for large, complex nuclear facilities.  She has a strong reputation for strategic planning, and knowledge of national and international requirements and skills in dealing with a broad range of stakeholders.  She was formerly the vice president of waste management nuclear services, and a director of the Environmental Restoration Program at INL.  Her background in water resource management (water chemistry) has led to over three decades of experience in radioactive waste mitigation and remediation.