INL - General Information

+ INL's Strategic Plan

This document provides a great overview of the INL operations and direction for the future of the laboratory.

+ Next Generation Nuclear Plant Document Library

The above link accesses all public documents produced by INL and contractors relating to the Next Generation Nuclear Plant.

+ Operation Report Database

This database contains all finalized operations reports from INL, including all safety and health incidents that occur.  (Editor's note: this website may take a few minutes to load)

ATR Specific Documents

+ Overview of the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) at INL (.pdf)

Brief overview, released by INL, of the ATR, its construction, and uses.

+ ATR Life Extension Program Overview (.pdf)

Presentation given by BEA on ATR's Life Extension Program which is the plan that allows the extended the use of the ATR beyond its design basis.

+ "Unacceptable Risk at the Advanced Test Reactor" by Chuck Broscious, EDI (.pdf)

Publication of the Environmental Defense Institute documents safety problems associated with the ATR, ultimately making the case for the decommissioning of the facility.

+ Congressional Report Requesting Funding for Production of Pu-238 (.pdf)

Joint DOE/NASA report submitted to congress under President Obama's direction, requesting federal funding for the restart of Plutonium production in the US, utilizing the ATR.

External Links

Department of Energy

+ DOE-Idaho

The Idaho Office of Operations is in charge of the oversight of all DOE activities in the state including all facilities at INL (with the exception of the Naval Research Facility)

Idaho National Laboratory

+ Idaho National Laboratory

The INL, formerly INEEL, is one of the Nation's premier research sites and hosts all nuclear facilities in Idaho.  A total of 53 reactors have operated at INL, including the first critical reactor to provide power to a city (Atomic City, ID).  Only three reactors remain in operation.

+ Tour INL

The INL conducts tours of its facilities for the public.  These are an excellent opportunity to gain information on the facilities' history and operations from the experts that work at the site.

Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future

+ BRC Website

The BRC is charged with collecting data and opening a forum for the discussion of America's nuclear future.  The commission will submit a report with recommendations for safe nuclear practices in the US.

+ BRC Webcast Portal

The BRC holds public hearings in which some of the nation's top nuclear energy advisors and experts discuss topics ranging from fuel storage and disposal to new nuclear reactor technology.

Environmental Defense Institute

+ Environmental Defense Institute

The EDI has long been a partner of KYNF and has collaborated on a number of lawsuits and information requests.  EDI provides excellent comprehensive reports on safety considerations at INL and produces a monthly newsletter documenting the ongoing pursuit of environmental and health responsibility at INL.

Snake River Alliance

+Snake River Alliance

"Idaho's Nuclear Watchdog" has long been monitoring the operations at INL and opposing unsafe practices in the nuclear facilities at the Lab.  SRA has partnered with KYNF on a number of issues and was involved in the Plutonium Incinerator lawsuit that founded KYNF.