Why Support KYNF?

Tue, 09/04/2012

Why should you support us?  What is it that KYNF actually does?  No, we aren't just a small manufacturer of Plutonium Free Powder stickers. 

Keep Yellowstone Nuclear Free began in the late 1990’s when Idaho National Laboratory began pre-construction of a plutonium incineration plant to dispose of waste.  KYNF was formed to bring litigation against this project and demand an environmental review.  Within a year, after much political turmoil, the U.S. Secretary of Energy travelled to Jackson to personally announce that due to this litigation the Incinerator project had been cancelled.  In the following years it was assessed that the incineration of radioactive material was a dangerous and unsound method of treating waste, and our country ceased all associated programs.

These types of scenarios are ongoing.  While INL is not a malicious institution, it is guided by political decisions that often misrepresent the wishes of surrounding communities.  Right now, a commission appointed by the Governor of Idaho is reviewing how to expand their nuclear footprint.  It is staffed almost entirely by commerce and industry advocates, and it unabashedly states its mission toward economic growth.  While we respect Idaho’s need to pursue such growth, lopsided politics like this are why KYNF needs to exist.  When political focus leans so heavily on commerce and job creation, environmental advocacy is more important than ever.  As the sole advocacy group in Wyoming that deals with INL, KYNF continues to do what it has always done: objectively review environmental impact and provide balance to the conversation when necessary.

We thank you for your support, and hope that you remember us at Old Bill’s this year.  With the issues at hand and a commission that is reviewing the storage of some our nation’s nuclear waste 90 miles upwind of Jackson, every contribution helps.  It’s safe to say that we’re going to need it this year.